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KOSEBASI – Taste of traditional Turkish cuisine
December 6, 2015, 10:20 am

For a great taste of Turkish cuisine, with stellar service thrown in gratis, Kosebasi is your place. Located at The Tavern Mall in Jabriya and easily distinguished by its classy sharp design and bright red accents, the restaurant features a wide open space in front with beautiful outdoor seating. There are cozy, private booths for small couples and big tables for families. The prime appeal of their outdoor seating is that you are shielded from the harsh weather and can still enjoy the view. Other than its main location in Jabriya, Kosebasi can be found in the Grand Avenues and also in Salmiya.

The interior is warm and inviting, with soft lights and gentle music playing in the background. For starters you can begin with their classic appetizers, soslu patlican, which features tiny cubes of juicy eggplants and mouthwatering puree, and Kisir, which with a similar flavor totabouleh, is made from soaked bulghur wheat mixed with capsicums, parsley, green onions and pomegranate sauce.

A must-try is Henemen, a giant, sizzling pan of fluffy eggs, onions, tomatoes and chives accompanied by freshly baked bread, which is a popular item on their menu. The dish is light and you will definitely appreciate its crispy side salad.

Moving to their freshly grilled classics you come up with the likes of Saslik kebab, which features barbecued slices of marinated beef and onion rings, and the tuvuk sis, juicy cubes of barbecued chicken served neatly with a mound of rice that almost melts in your mouth. Also remember to try the Ali Nazik, homemade-yogurt mixed with eggplant, garlic puree and grilled cubes of marinated lamb.

There is always room for some tea at Kosebasi, which comprises of a piping hot glass of black tea served with a plate of fresh mint leaves. For dessert options, you could try their iconic Kunefe. Being a popular dish in Kuwait, it is prepared with a modern Kosebasi twist that turns this cluttered dessert into a classic neat treat. Also, the oven-baked kadayif, the emblematic Middle Eastern stuffed pancake, has a beautiful golden crust and is lightly dressed in syrup. It is delicately sprinkled with pistachios and a dollop of Kaymak, a rich dessert cream that cut the sweetness of the syrup. It is positively scrumptious.

All portions are generous and could easily be shared among family members.

Kosebasi is located at the Tavern Mall in Jabriya, The Grand Avenues and Salmiya. For more information or reservation, call 25310491 or visit,



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