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KOC: Foreign companies partaking in tackling oil leak
April 29, 2018, 9:14 am


Specialized foreign companies possessing state-of-art equipment are involved in the operation to contain oil leakage at Maqwa, located in the Great Burgan region south of Kuwait City, Kuwait Oil Company said on Saturday.

The oil leakage at Al-Maqwa Well-149 "has been controlled," said the KOC in a statement, adding a cleanup and repair of the well and nearby cathodic wells were underway.

The operation is carried out in cooperation with consultants from international companies that possess special equipment, the KOC said, noting that the company has contracts with these companies, stipulating cooperation in such accidents.

The situation is being handled "with utmost professionalism and the leakage has been contained to stop it from expansion," the KOC statement said, stressing that the company has been dealing with the accident according to standard procedures. Early on Monday, the KOC declared the leakage, followed with fire that was put out, affirming that there was no hazard to human beings.

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