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KMA-IDF Oration held in Regency Hotel
March 16, 2015, 12:08 pm

Indian Doctors Forum(IDF), Kuwait added another feather to its cap by conducting successfully the 6th KMA-IDF Oration Award event on 14 March 2015 at the Regency hotel.

IDF a social organization  affiliated to Kuwait Medical Association(KMA) and registered with Indian Embassy, has carved a niche for itself by its services to the community in the form of medical camps for poor people, seminars for public and meet the specialist programs. It also conducts KMA -IDF oration every two years. The IDF selects an Indian eminent doctor who is practicing in India and has significant contribution to the scientific literature in the form of publication of papers in peer reviewed International medical journals.

The IDF has honored  five eminent Indian physicians  with IDF Oration award since its inception. The recipients of the award deliver a scientific talk related to their lifetime work during the award ceremony. The past recipients of the awards include Prof Chandy (stem cell research), Dr. Mohammad Khurro ( non A non B Hepatitis in Kashmir), Dr. Ramachandran (Diabetes), Dr. Talwar (Cardiology) and Dr. Nageshwar Reddy (Gastroenterology). The Oration talks delivered by these eminent physicians were reflective of the high standard of medicine practiced in India and the world class competence of these eminent Indian physicians.

This year the IDF selected Padmashri Dr. V Mohan, a world renowned diabetologist and Director of Dr.V Mohan Diabetes specialties center, Chennai  and Director of Madras Diabetes Research Foundation as the recipient of the 6th KMA-IDF Oration award. 

The evening started with the audience paying respect to the national anthems of Kuwait and India. Dr. Vivek Wani, Vice President of IDF welcomed the Oration speaker Padmashri Dr. V Mohan, dignitaries and the audience.  Mr. Shubhashish Goldar, Deputy Chief of Mission of Embassy of India in his felicitation speech addressed the burning issue of diabetes and heart diseases in Indian population in Kuwait and commended the IDF for its community service.

Dr. Adel Al-Khader, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kuwait appreciated the IDF for arranging such scientific activities and highlighted the problem of diabetes in Kuwait. Dr.Mohammad Al-Mutairi President of KMA and co-host of the KMA-IDF Oration award event  mentioned his recent visit to India to attend a conference in which he observed that  the cardiac problems and their magnitudes were similar in India and Kuwait. He called for rigorous measures to control the problem of diabetes.

Dr. Vinod Grover President of IDF gave a brief account of the academic and professional achievements of Padmashri Dr.V Mohan. The highlights of Dr. V Mohan's achievements include gold medal in MD examination, establishment of 20 centers of diabetes care in India and abroad, establishment of Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, authorship of more than 900 scientific articles and guest lectures on the subject of diabetes in scores of countries.

He has received more than 130 awards for his contribution to the field of diabetes including the prestigious Dr. B C Roy award by Medical Council of India, Basantidevi Amirchand award by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the civilian award of Padmashri award by Government of India. Dr. V Mohan has conducted more than 2000 free diabetes camps so far and offers free treatment to thousands of poor patients. The audience gave a thunderous applause to Dr. V Mohan for his achievements and service to millions of diabetes patients. 

Dr. Mohammad Al-Mutairi  the President of KMA, Dr.Vinod Grover the President of  IDF presented the 6th KMA-IDF Oration award to Dr.V Mohan. On behalf of IDF he was also offered a token cash prize by Dr.Samir Humad and Dr. Nazim Parker the treasurers of IDF.

Dr. Waleed Al - Dahi Consultant Endocrinologist of Mubarak Hospital, Fellow Royal college of Canada and Joslin Diabetes Center Harvard University USA gave an introduction to the oration subject of diabetes. From his rich experience in the field of  diabetes in Canada, US and Kuwait he highlighted the difficulties of achieving optimum results with treatment in diabetes patients especially in Kuwait.

He told the audience that  high calorie diet, lack of exercise, lack of awareness about complications of diabetes and poor compliance with treatment among diabetes patients in Kuwait and less than satisfactory motivation of patients by doctors were some of the major hurdles in achieving good control of diabetes.

Then came the moment every physician was waiting for Dr. V Mohan to start his 6th KMA-IDF oration talk first by thanking the IDF and KMA for the honor. The subject of his Oration talk was ' Prevention of diabetes is possible but we all have to work together". 

Quoting extensively from his studies he highlighted the steadily increasing  prevalence of diabetes among all social strata in India. He highlighted the role of sedentary lifestyle and food habits that included fast foods and high calorie drinks  as important risk factors for  high prevalence of diabetes found in Indian immigrants in US, Europe and the Middle East.

However, because of adoption of similar food habits  and sedentary lifestyles by the youth in the economically resurgent India the diabetes prevalence has increased to nearly 20 percent in urban population and to 10 percent in rural population among persons aged 20 and above. He showed by his studies how including simple walking in their daily routine could reduce prevalence of diabetes among the population.

He described the planning and implementing of Chunampet Rural Diabetes Prevention project with the help of local population, Indian Space Research Organization and World Diabetes Foundation Denmark to screen, detect and treat diabetes and its complications at the doorsteps of the patient. Innovative use of telemedicine to diagnose and treat the rural population who otherwise have no access to medical care of high standard have made the Chunampet  Rural diabetes project as a model for many developing countries.

His in depth knowledge of diabetes, extensive field work and publication of the findings of his field work in the prestigious international medical journals made his Oration talk spellbinding. The audience included apart from the dignitaries mentioned above and the  doctor members of IDF, high ranking officials of the Ministry of Health Kuwait, eminent consultants of private and government sectors.

Dr. Ananth Priya, Joint Cultural Secretary of IDF,  compeered  the program flawlessly . Dr.Senthil and Dr.Manish Rizwani web managers of IDF took care of audiovisual aspects of the program. The office bearers of IDF, Dr.(Mrs) Grace Alex, Dr.Sunil Yadav and  Dr.Dr. Sunil Kodali  took care of all the guests.

Dr. Jaffer Ali Ismail the dynamic Secretary of the IDF proposed a vote of thanks. The program ended with a healthy dinner served by Regency hotel.

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