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KKMCC Jahra 2-day medical camp was a grand success
September 21, 2014, 2:20 pm

About one hundred of expatriate communities from various nationalities  attended the 2 day Free medical screening camp organized by Jahra area Committee of Kuwait Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre (KKMCC) in association with Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society - IKFS.  The event was  sponsored and supported  by 'Medical Sub-Speciality Centre' Jahra on Friday and Saturday, 19 and 20 September, 2014 .

The screening Medical camp were carried out on the premises of Medical Sub-Speciality Centre in Jahra. This is the first time a 2-day camp is organized  in the  area of Jahra Governorate by KKMCC’s Jahra area Committee , as Jahra is considered to be a remote place due to various vacant land and its one hour distance trip from Kuwait city.

The Medical Screening camp first day was inaugurated by Dr. Fahad Maleh Al-Anzi, The Chairman & CEO of MSSC who said in his speech that MSSC is willing to accept more expatriates in future and ready to conduct similar free camps regularly. Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, President of Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society introduced attending Medical Doctors in the Camp Dr. Hisham Othman (Egypt), Dr. Fahad Maleh Al-Anzi,(Kuwait) Dr. Noora Ghalib Al-Mashoor, (Kerala-India) Dr. Methlaj (Chennai – India) and expressed gratitude to Dr. Fahad Al-Anzi, the Chairman & CEO of MSSC sponsoring the event to various expatriate communities who are residing inside and outside of Jahra.

The felicitation address was given by Sharafuddeen, President, KKMCC National Committee  who also delivered honorary memento to Dr. Fahad Al-Anzi on behalf of KKMCC. Similar mementos expressing tokens of appreciation were also handed over to Dr. Al-Mashoor, Dr. Hisham Othman, Dr. Wajdy William, Dr. Noora Ghalib by various office bearers of KKMCC.

Many skilled paramedical staff also assisted the doctors with the preliminary check-ups of expatriates staying in remote areas. Majority of the expatriate communities from India wanted to know their sugar level and blood pressure count. The dedication and hard work put in by the KKMCC  volunteers helped the participants to avail of the facilities easily and patients from different walks of life benefited from this noble event.

Office bearers of the national committee KKMCC Farooq Hamadani, Ghafoor Vayanad, Ibrahim also attended the event on the second day.  Saleem, Acting President of Jahra area presided the event meeting and welcomed the Doctors and volunteers. Mohammed Ali, General Secretary, Zainulabidheen Thangal, (The Camp Convenor) expressed vote of thanks to Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society, Doctors, Para-Medical staff, volunteers and Guests for smooth running and making the event as a grand success.

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