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KKIC concludes 3rd Islamic Seminar
March 2, 2014, 10:15 am

The closing session of the 3rd Islamic Seminar organized by Kuwait Kerala Islahi Center (KKIC) was inaugurated by Kuwait’s Oil Minister, Ali Salih Al Omair, on Friday, 28 February 2014.

The minister commended the efforts of KKIC in spreading the message of Islam among the expatriate population in Kuwait and for their humanitarian works benefiting the poor and the needy.  Further, he praised the Indian community living in Kuwait for being peace loving and hard working, “making positive contributions to the state.”

Welcome Address: TP Mohammed Abdul Asees
Chair : PN. Abdul Latheef Madani
Vote of Thanks : Sunash Shukoor

The 4-day seminar, themed ‘Religion for Human Good’, was an exhortation for the establishment of moral values in the society to fight moral decadence. Speaking at the closing session, Chairman of the Islamic Heritage Society, Sheikh Tareq Sami Al Essa, reminded his audience that the objective of human life is the submission to the divine will by following God’s guidance.

Other noted speakers at the closing session included the Director of the Information Department, Ministry of Awqaf, Sheikh Fahad Al Jenfawi, and representatives of Islamic Heritage Society, Jassem Al Hajji and Khaled Al Sumaidi. For his part, the President of ISM, TK Ashraf, emphasized the need for the Muslim youth to strive to serve as a beacon of guidance for the morally wavering, directionless young generation of today.

Mujahid Balussery, Harith Bin Salim, Sharaffuddin Kannathu (KMCC), VP Shawkath Ali from KIG, also spoke on the last day of the seminar. The need to gain a greater appreciation of the values of Islam and its relevance in the modern times was the underlying message of the seminar. The speakers exhorted community leaders and social thinkers to consider the solutions prescribed by Islam with an open mind to tackle the challenges of the modern world.

The interfaith dialogue held on the third day of the seminar drew large crowds of people from all faiths. The main speaker on that day, Mujahid Balussery, argued that man’s downfall is the result of him turning away from the path shown by the creator.  He stressed that the belief that only one path is the true path does not lead to bigotry, instead it’s the attempts to impose it on others by force that creates conflicts and intolerance. The interfaith dialogue was inaugurated by Sheikh Farhan Ubaid Al Shammari with participation from Sheikh Mohammed Al Nadwi, Father Reji Varghese and Thomas Kadavil.

KC Najeeb chaired the session. Azhar Atheri rendered the welcome address, while Imtiaz NM gave the vote of thanks. Representatives of Gulf Islahi from Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE also took part in the seminar.

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