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KKIC Enlightening conference
March 3, 2015, 1:04 pm

Vigilance against ‘Islamic State and ‘Dhaish’- Dr. Abdulrahiman Al Jeeran

Terrorism and extremism are not Islam and Islamic state and Aldhaish recently growing terrorist organizations are against Islam and Muslim community in the world. Dr. Abdularahman Al Jeeran, Kuwait Parliament Member said inaugurating the Enlightening conference and Wisdom School conducted by Kuwait Kerala Islahi Center at Indian Integrated School Abbasiya in Kuwait.

India is a multi-cultural and multi plural society. It is one of the most diverse and multicultural societies in the world today. During the time of Caliph Umer, Islam reached in India and spread out in different parts. So many renowned Islamic scholars were contributed and several books were written. Around 8 centuriesMuslimrulers ruled over India and remained several indelible imprints.

Even during the dark age of Europe, India was shining with its own culture, education and civilization. This shining history is ever remembered in history andyou can proud as Indians.

Terrorism and extremism are created by western and Zionist media to deface Islam and Muslims. Islam does not represent these heinous activities. It is a religion of peace and it promotes peace.

The poverty of India is the creation of colonists. They ruled over there to exploit the wealth and their culture. They laid hatred among the diverse community, divided the people who were living brethren, they plundered and looted Indian economy and utilized for their own country to grow in the world.

This should be regained and to make an atmosphere to live each other with peace and tranquillity. The wealth and resources of India is much greater if utilised fruitfully and the nation become stronger and wealthier.

The renowned scholar and Dubai Awqaf official Siraj Al Islam Balussery delivered speech. Oneness of god is the main theme of Islam; there is no god except Allah; he created this universe, human being and all creatures; it will be very heinous if we do worship anyone other than Allah. It will be futile activities if we prostrate to idols and god-men who are helpless even for saving their life.

Wisdom global roots chief coordinator Thajudheen Salahi explained how to develop personality helping each other and to interact with others the real truth. We need personal commitment to guide others. Ignorance is a curse so that we must earn the knowledge and dedicate our life for others. Then only we get salvation. He explained with multimedia presentation.

Dr.Jeeran distributed the prizes to winners who got first, second and third places from Whatsapp Quran examination. Ashraf Sullami made introductory speech. Organization leaders Sidheek Valiyakath, President FIMA, Ibrhaim Kunnil –KKMA, Basheer Batha-KKMCC, Thomas Kadavil KALA and Ansar KIG made valedictory speech.

Wisdom Audio pack was inaugurated by Ibrahim Al Enzi. PN abdullatheef Madani presided over the function; TP Abdul Azeez welcomed the gathering and Sakeer koyilandi proposed vote of thanks. KC Abdullatheef, Sunash Shukoor, Salahudheen salahi, Abdussamad AM controlled presidium.

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