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KISR aims to reduce seafood ‘exports’ through fish farming
April 8, 2018, 8:40 am

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has successfully completed a fish farming project aimed at fulfilling domestic demand and providing local investors with spaces for produce.

The project includes four types of fish and shellfish, and aims to attain food security in the country through decreasing exports of the food commodity in line with Kuwait's New Vision 2035.

Currently, enclosures only provide 20 percent of local consumption the rest of which is exported into the country from overseas producers, KISR director general Samira Omar said.

According to figures, fish farming around the world provided 77 million tonnes in 2015, which covered 50 percent of global demand, she said, making aquaculture one of the most crucial and fastest growing industries. KISR enclosures now produce Barramundi fish, which bears resemblance to the popularly consumed Seabass, giant tiger prawn, giant river prawn and giant crab.

All four species can withstand Kuwait's hot climate and have been successfully raised in waters with similar scorching conditions, including Australia and Southeast Asia, she added.

These species were selected due to their rapid-growth characteristics in a short time, the institute's fish farming researcher Amani Al-Yagout said. She added that domestic demand could be met within a period of 6-8 months.

The institute plans to later introduce the programme to investors, who will reap the benefits of being able to produce 40 kg of fish for every square metre.

Source: KUNA

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