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KISPL resumes medical tests for Indian job-seekers at Kochi center
October 8, 2015, 10:27 am

Khadamat Integrated Solutions Pvt Ltd (KISPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kuwait's Public Services Company, has resumed medical screening operations for Indians seeking employment in Kuwait at its center in Kochi from Tuesday, 6 October, 2015. Khadamat had stopped operations in Kochi on 4 June, 2015 following protests by prospective job seekers against the excessive service charges demanded by the agency and complaints filed by the Protector of Emigrants, Kochi with the Protector General of Emigrants against it. This had forced the jobs aspirants to resort to the agency's centers either in Mumbai or Delhi which had remained open in spite of the protests elsewhere in Kochi and Hyderabad. 

With this, Khadamat will now operate from three cities in India - Murnbai and New Delhi, in addition to Kochi. However, reliable sources said the agency's Hyderabad center may not. open for business for unknown reasons. In September, in a setback to job- seekers from India, the government of Kuwait had again given permission to KISPL to carry out medical tests and was expected to continue collecting a fee of around Rs 12,000 an equivalent of KD 55 as a service charge.

The sources also said then that the medical reports issued by any other medical centers will not be accepted by the Kuwaiti missions in India when stamping the visa on the passport. It was reported earlier the Kuwait consulate in New Delhi had reportedly asked the Gulf Approved Medical Center Association (GAMCA) to wind up its operations in the capital.

After the right to conduct medical tests for job applicants to Kuwait was transferred from GAMCA to KISPL on 18 May, the job-seekers approached the police and filed complaints against the latter because it reportedly charged Rs 24,000 fee for medical tests as against Rs 3,600 charged by GAMCA.

Khadamat then operated in Mumbai and Delhi whereas its offices in Kochi and Hyderabad had remained closed. 

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