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KIG announces Al Madrasathul Islamiya Primary Certificate Examination results
June 3, 2018, 1:12 pm

The results of the Primary Certificate Examination Education Wing of the Kerala Islamic Group (KIG) have been published. Iman Feroz of Al Madrasathul Islamiya, Farwaniya topped the list with 98 % marks. Nuha Hashim and Hiba Shareef both of Al Madrasathul Islamiya Farwaniya shared the second position with 97 % marks. Rida Maryam Afsal of Al Madrasathul Islamiya Farwaniya and Afrah Parveen Nasser of Al Madrasathul Islamiya, Salmiya shared the third rank with 95% marks. All the students who attended the exams came out with flying colors and 9 of them stood out with an  A+. Kerala Islamic Group President Sakkeer Hussain Thuvoor congratulated the toppers.

Kerala Islamic Group runs 3 madrasas with English as the medium of instruction in Fahaheel, Salmiya, and Khaitan and 4 madrasas in the Malayalam language in Hawally, Abbasiya, Fahaheel and Farwaniya. More than 1600 students study the Islamic courses along with the Arabic and Malayalam as Languages. The madrasas follow the syllabus of Majilisu-Thaleemil Islami and Vidya Council. The Madrasas have well trained and qualified teachers and the madrasas also encourage the all-round development of the children with Arts, sports, and intellectual activities.

The madrasas which focus on the Quran Studies and Arabic Language will start their new academic year on September 1.

The detailed results of the exams are available on the Kerala Islamic Group website( ). For more info contact the Education board at 97288809 or the Principals of the Madrasas.

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