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KIFF conducting anti-drugs campaign
October 22, 2015, 3:35 pm

As part of the Fraternity fest, Kuwait India Fraternity Forum (KIFF) is conducting an Anti-Drug Campaign among Indians living in Kuwait.  According to the available statistics of the Indian Embassy, 60 percent of the convicted Indians in Kuwait jails are arrested on drug-related cases. The recent news of deaths and capture of Indian drug abusers is terrible news.  

It has become an obligation to defend and to campaign against such a social crisis by protecting Individuals as well as the society.  In this current situation, Kuwait India Fraternity Forum is conducting a campaign that includes distributing pamphlets, organizing counseling sessions and seminars and more to educate the Indians living in Kuwait. The information was released by KIFF President Saifudheen Nalakath in a press release.

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