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KIDOBOTIKZ offers challenging courses for children
December 26, 2016, 10:44 am

With the aim to nurture a love for robotics from a young age, the Kidobotikz program invites school students to experiment, learn and explore the various field of robotics and find their own interest. As with successive Kidobotikz offerings, kids will work together in small teams and take full advantage of the uniquely designed Kidobotikz’s high-tech robotics development stations.

Open a new world of knowledge, enjoyment and standard of education with the kits as students complete the different levels, developing various skills along the way. The intent of Kidobotikz is to inspire kids to take on challenges confidently and show an understanding of engineering as they gain from hands-on experience.  For more details, Contact:  66042428 / 66791258 

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