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KGA Football Festival Tournament
March 12, 2015, 5:13 pm

The much awaited “6th edition of KGA Football Festival 7-a-side Tournament on Friday,  27 March 2015 to be held at the Al-Bayan Stadium, under the auspices of Kuwait Indian Football Federation from 6:30 am onwards.  The  event coincides with  Kuwait Goan Association’s 10 years of existence, founded in 2005, a formidable football association involved in sports and cultural activities among the Indian expatriate community.

They have organized and have also won several tournaments for KGA and  KGA representatives have headed the KIFF Federation. Those wishing to field more than one team, please contact the organizers. The draw for the KGA tournament is scheduled on 20 March 2015 (during UG tournament second game - lemon break). We look forward to your support and presence for the tournament with 16 KIFF affiliated teams participating and Indian Football Referees Federation Association [IFRA] officiating the football matches. 

For more info, email: /or contact Mob: 99695677/99544942/99865349

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