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KFC Celebrates 30 Years of its Famous Spicy Zinger Taste in the Region
April 6, 2014, 10:27 am

Fans of KFC’s famous Zinger taste have good reason to celebrate. The world-renowned chicken restaurant chain is marking 30 years of its spicy taste loved by millions in the MENA region, with a host of special prices for the Zinger range being made available for a limited period at its restaurants throughout the region.

For three decades, KFC has been satisfying the cravings and delighting the taste buds of those in the region who prefer a hotter flavour in their chicken. KFC’s Zinger taste proved so popular with KFC devotees that it is now available in a variety of zinger meal options to meet the different consumers’ needs where they can choose their perfect match.

Included in KFC’s 30-year Zinger meal promotion are the Zinger Twister - a portable spicy sandwich on the go; the Zinger Classic - the original zinger favourite; the Zinger Supreme - a premium gourmet spicy sandwich, and the Mighty Zinger - a large eat piquant offering for those who prefer a substantial meal with bite. The 30-year KFC Zinger meal deals - grab ‘em while they are hot! 

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