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KFC Arabia presents for the first time–The new rice meals
May 27, 2014, 3:24 pm

Offering premium basmati rice with KFC’s secret recipe chicken

There is good news for the Fans of the famous KFC secret recipe. KFC Arabia, part of the renowned food company Americana Group, has introduced the new Rice Meals .The new rice meals from KFC Arabia is expected to be highly appealing to the consumers taste in the  Arab region.

For the first time, KFC offers the new rice meals which bring consumers the best of both worlds in one delicious meal for ultimate pleasure - the premium Basmati rice and KFC’s unique secret recipe chicken which is the favourite of millions in the region.
The new Rice meals come in two choices, Crispy strips rice meal and chicken rice meal, topped with either the delicious Arabiata sauce or pepper chili sauce.  

The new Rice Meals from KFC is the perfect replacement for home prepared meal. KFC Arabia will mark a new success in its quest to meet the taste expectations of its discerning customers, rolling the rice meals out across its more than 600 stores located in 74 cities and 12 countries in the region.

The new rice meals from KFC Arabia is the ultimate pleasure as it combines KFC’s secret recipe that was introduced since 1973  with the premium basmati rice which Arabs  in the region prefer,  meeting their demands.

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