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KEPS organizes environmental open days
November 28, 2015, 3:46 pm

 Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) has organized a series of environmental open days in nine schools within the program dubbed (green schools) in its fifth edition. A number of lectures and specialized workshops in the areas of birds, environmental police, the law of environmental protection and recycling of plastic waste were held.

Member of the programs and activities department in the society Aseel Al-Thuwaini said that the society hosted student delegations of nine public and private schools where they became acquainted with the sources, risks, and the process of recycling plastic. She added that the students also became aware of how to sort waste and proper ways to get rid of them as well as a screening mechanism, collection and reducing waste in collaboration with the society's banner (green schools).

She explained that the society targets the participation of 25 schools in those specialized themes, including at least 500 additional beneficiaries of students and teachers, indicating that about 15 environmental clubs participated in student groups and will receive a certificate from KEPS. 

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