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KEPS green schools program in 105 governmental, private schools
December 15, 2015, 3:45 pm

Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) announced on Tuesday the conclusion of activities of the first stage of green schools' 9th program of the first term in the current academic year, with participation of 105 governmental and private schools.

Director of programs and activities at Kuwait Environment Protection Society Jenan Bahzad said in press remarks on Tuesday that 105 schools from primary, intermediate and high school stages registered in the activities of green schools for the first term of the current academic year, as the program includes 15 educational axioms.

The 15 axioms of the programs' activities were distributed according to KEPS' educational and training curriculum prepared by specialists in various environmental domains, she said. This will cover the subjects of birds and natural habitats, climate change and its impact on Kuwait, desertification and fungal flora in Kuwaiti wild, water scarcity and quality of drinking water, environment protection, besides Kuwait Environmental Police, she added.

The green schools program offered specialized activities for the morning assembly in schools, besides offering workshops, scientific lectures, field trips, besides documentary films, she stated.

The environmental clubs in the schools which took part in this program during the past years gained sufficient experiences which qualified them to prepare their own schools' programs according to the needs of the schools environment, she said.

KEPS' long-term goals include integrating the environmental culture into the national plans, especially in the educational field in order to face the negative impact on the environment and work to encounter them, she added.

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