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KDA celebrates 4th Anniversary with mega event
April 5, 2014, 3:53 pm

Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait organized a mega event titled ‘Kozhikode Fest 2014’ on Friday, 4th April 2014 from 5pm to 10pm at Indian Central School, Abbasiya to celebrate its 4th Anniversary. â€¨â€¨Mr.Shubashis Goldar, Deputy Chief of Mission inaugurated the event.

The open air location and the bright lights of the stage set the perfect mood for a magical musical program. Variety entertainment programs including music, dance and mimicry was performed by famous artists from Kerala as part of the celebration.

Nadir Shah, a well known as film actor and music director a lead the musical night with his rich singing voice. Anwar Sadath (playback singer), ThajuddeenVatakara (‘mappilapattu’ singer) and Keerthana (singer-Surya TV reality show fame) sang their famous numbers to the cheers of their excited fans.

Versatile artist Mubarak Al Rashed, a famous Kuwaiti singer graced the stage to sing some upbeat songs in Hindi, and one song in Malayalam. Mimicry artist Pratinjan who is famous for sound magic displayed his skills to evoked peals of laughter from everyone present. The Kozhikode Fest 2014 ended with a coupon draw and a variety of wonderful prizes was handed out to the winners.  .

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