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KDA Mahilavedi’s Arts & Feast Festival 2014
February 24, 2014, 12:07 pm

Art & Feast Festival organized by Mahilavedi, the ladies wing of Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait (KDA) proved to be a all around fun spectacle of all those present for the event. The full day event provided an altogether different experience to the Kuwait community at large and the Indian community in particular. 

More than 2000 people attended the Art & Feast Festival -2014, organized by Mahilavedi - Kozhikode District Association, Kuwait on Friday, 21 February 2014 at Indian Community School Khaitan. The Festival was inaugurated by Dr. Gargi Jain, wife of His Excellency Indian Ambassador to Kuwait. In her inaugural speech she congratulated the organizers for conducting such a program that helps to empower women and exhibit their creative talents.

She also asked to help the needy and less fortunate people. The inaugural function was conspicuous by the presence of Mrs. Jumanah Kadri the celebrity master Chef who was the judge of the cooking competition. Mahilavedi President Mrs. Asma Abdulla presided over the inaugural function. Mahilavedi Secretary Mrs. Vanisree Santhosh explained the activities of Mahilavedi. Association President Mr. Rajagopalan E, Patron Mr. Shabeer Mandoly, General Secretary Mr. Abdul Najeeb T. K offered felicitations. Association Patron Mr. Ashraf Aydeed, Treasurer Mr. Najeeb.PV, Mahilavedi Joint Secretary Miss. Rekha.T, Program Conveners Mrs. Aneecha Shyjith and Mrs. Ambili Ragesh, Publicity Convener Mrs. Biji Ramakrishnan, Sponsorship Convener Mrs. Shimi Santhosh and Reception Convener Mrs. Reeja Santhosh were also present in the dais.

The full day event was a colorful celebration for all, especially ladies from all communities and children of all ages as they could stage their excellent performances and artistic talents in various competitions including cinematic dance, baby-show, fancy dress, salad carving and cookery show.

The different types of Art and food fair stalls were another attraction of the event. Stalls for Garments, Ornaments, Cosmetics, handmade Crafts, Watches, Foot wares, Mural Paintings, Ladies Bags etc. and Mehndi design, Face painting and Games stall made the day joyful for ladies and children. Also, the food lovers enjoyed traditional and multinational cuisines from the variety of food stalls. The stalls offering salted pickles and Kozhikodan halwa provoked nostalgia in the expats of Kozhikode district.

Miss. Noura Nassim and Mrs. Leeha Shaji hosted the programs, General Convener Mrs. Neena Rajagopal welcomed the gathering and Treasurer Mrs. Maymoona Aydeed thanked all who helped to make the Art & Feast Festival – 2014, a big success on behalf of Mahilavedi.

General Convener Mrs. Neena Rajagopal welcomed the gathering and Treasurer Mrs.Maymoona Aydeed thanked all who helped to make the Art & Feast Festival 2014 a big success on behalf of Mahilavedi. Miss. Nowr Nassim and Mrs. Leeha Shaji hosted the programs,

The competition of ladies and children was significant by the huge number of participation and excellent performance. All of the judges stated that the participants were highly talented and they faced difficulty to find out the winners. The winners of the different competitions are as follows.

• Baby Show (1-3 Years) :- Levina Kurian, Neha Noby, Deeksha Shajith.
• Baby Show (3-5 Years) :- Mohammed Tazim, Rijwa Abdulla, Zara  Mariyam.

• Fancy Dress (5-8 Years) :- Shalabha Priyesh, Myra Fernandas, Aryan  Saju Ram.
• Fancy Dress (8-12 Years):- Bebi Nandana, Ashwin Dev, Varun.
• Salad Carving :- Deepa Guruvayurappan & Ashly, Keerthana Pramod &  Namith SivaKumar.
• Hair Decoration: - DhanaLakshmi, Fatima Fida.
• Cinematic Group Dance :- Datez Kuwait, Pranavam Natyagraham,
                                           Shriya Sureshkumar &Team.
• Cooking (Pudding):- Jasni, Sonila, Josephine Johnson.
• Cooking (Snacks):- Varsha Basna, Nazeema, Mallika Sethu.
Aysha, Bindu Pramod, Thesleena, Thesni, Jyothi, Bindu Rethidas, Meera, Shajitha, Reshmi, Shaima, Regana, Shagi Rani, Salma, Vijitha, Amitha, Vijaya Lakhmi, Shyna, Jeeva, Asha controlled the festival. The festival really provided an unforgettable experience to all of the participants and the audience.

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