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KAICO announces new cashback offers Michelin- A Better Way Forward
April 25, 2016, 1:43 pm

Michelin offers each customer the right performance at the right price to meet every need. Michelin has an extensive brand portfolio for all market segments and is a key mobility enabler.

Michelin tires, exclusively distributed in Kuwait by kaico (AlShaya and AlSagar) in its 4 tireplus branches in  Shuwaikh, Jahara and Ahamadi offers customers a 35kdcashback when buying for Michelin Tires and 15 KD cash back when buying 2 Michelin Tires. (this offer is Subject to terms and conditions).

What do you know about Michelin?

Michelin offers each customer the right performance at the right price to meet every need with:
A global premium brand: MICHELIN.
A primary brand dedicated to sports cars and SUVs: BFGOODRICH.
Michelin produces tires for all kind of vehicles:  PASSENGER CAR & LIGHT TRUCK, Trucks, 2 wheelers, earthmovers, Agricultural and even aircraft!!

Why your car needs Michelin Tires?

Because your car will get everything it needs in a tire, Michelin tires before being delivered to you they are tested in 350 different fields around the world, Michelin labs care about sustainability so they reduced the rolling resistance of tires by 50 percent to enhance fuel efficiency, and they are working now on the 5th generation of green tires that aims to improve fuel economy by at least 2 percent.

Michelin unique Technology

  1. Tread a thick layer of rubber provides contact with the ground. It has to channel water away and last as long as possible.
  2. Crown plies: This double or triple reinforced belt has both vertical flexibility and high lateral rigidity. It provides the steering capacity.
  3. Sidewalls: These cover and protect the textile casing whose role is to attach the tire tread to the wheel rim.
  4.  Bead area for attachment to the rim Its internal bead wire clamps the tire firmly against the wheel rim.
  5. Inner liner this makes the tire almost totally impermeable and maintains the correct inflation pressure.

Amazing start for 2016

Totally Michelin has 68 production units in 17 different countries, Michelin group started 2016 with the “MICHELIN D16” tires used for Peugeot 2008 in Dakar Rally and for the 354 vehicles entered for this competition.
More than 3,000 tires were fitted during the 2016 Dakar. After use, the covers were analyzed and the information is passed on to Michelin’s Research and Development Centre in Ladoux, near Clermont-Ferrand, France, where the group’s tires of tomorrow are designed.


LE MANS 24-HOUR RACE 17 consecutive years of victories.
ENDURANCE: Michelin and Toyota won the 3rd straight FIA World Endurance Championship title.
RALLYE WRC 22nd Drivers’ title in the World Rally Championship and 24th Manufacturers’ title (with Volkswagen).
PARIS-DAKAR Since the beginning of the event, the Michelin Group has equipped the winners in all the categories car, motorbike and truck.
MOTO ENDURANCE 15th world title (with Yamaha Racing GMT 94).
ENDURO World Champion title in E2 categorie.
TRIAL 8th World Champion Indoor and Outdoor consecutive titles.

Michelin tires are distributed in Kuwait for almost 65 years. And recently received the Best Tire Brand Award”.

Driving Safety Tips from Tyreplus:

-  Drive with two hands. Always:
-  Don’t make any sudden steering wheel movements
-  Do not accelerate or brake suddenly
-  Always check you tire pressure: Under-inflated tires are one of the biggest causes of using excess fuel perfect tire pressure can extend the life of your tires so you don’t have to buy as often.
Always check tires balancing, balancing helps prevent premature wear of your tires and eliminates vibration. It also protects the suspension, steering system and bearings of your vehicle. All these service are available in Tyreplus. Many others safety tips are available in Michelin official website.

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