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KAC receives 'Al-Jahra' aircraft from Airbus
November 29, 2015, 5:29 pm

The Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) has received the 12th and last aircraft of the leasing contract with Airbus Company. A330-200 bears the name of 'Al-Jahra', KAC Chairperson and Managing Director Rasha Al-Roumi said on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a delivery ceremony at Kuwait International Airport, she said that the KAC received all the planes in the leasing contract, notably seven A-320s and five A-330s. By receiving the last airplane from the Airbus, the first stage of modernizing the KAC's fleet has been completed, she said, adding that as the second stage would be launched by 2016.

Under the second stage, the Kuwait Airways will be given a total 10 Boeing 777s, with the first aircraft to be landing in Kuwait in November 2016. On a plan to launch flights to Egypt's Sharm El-Sheikh by mid-December, Al-Roumi said the KAC has already discussed all security measures at Sharm El-Sheikh Airport. 

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