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KAC pilot investigated for breaking protocol
July 27, 2015, 9:55 am

Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) was the center of a scandal Sunday, as pornographic photos of a British porn star snapped inside the cockpit of the Kuwait national airliner during a flight from London to New York were published. 

In a chat with Daily Star Sunday newspaper, actress Chloe Khan, 24, also known as ‘Chloe Mafia’ said the captain of the flight allowed her to enter the cockpit to play with some buttons while in flight at 33,000 feet with some 300 passengers on board.

“After turning off the notification to fasten seatbelts, one of the hostesses asked me to come into the cockpit upon the captain’s request, and he received me in a warm and friendly manner,” she recounted. Khan said “the plane was on automatic navigation when the pilot asked me to denude my breast. He also asked me to call him ‘naughty’ so I asked him if I could smoke, and he said he is the one who sets the rules onboard. He asked for champagne and then closed the door of the cockpit.”

She indicated “the naughty pilot boasted about having sexual relations with half of the hostesses working with him and explained to me the functions of each button in the cockpit. He allowed my friend and me to pose on his knees for a photo while the assistant pilot kept silent, as he was busy navigating the plane,” she added.

In his first official response, Minister of Communications, the State Minister for Municipality Issa Al-Kandari issued instructions to the Board Chairman of KAC Rasha Al-Roumi to form a committee immediately to investigate the issue. In a statement, the minister said he issued instructions to open an investigation with the official to ensure accuracy of the report, as well as photos posted on the social networking sites. He added the culprits will be held accountable if the information is proven, and the outcome of investigations will be announced to Kuwaitis and concerned authorities in transparency.

Meanwhile, an official from KAC alleged the incident took place in 2013, and that strict measures will be taken against the officials involved. He wondered why it took so long to circulate the photos after the actress had published them two years ago. Minister Al-Kandari gave instructions to summon the pilot from Bangkok where he is currently stationed after he was banned from the cockpit and stripped of his title as captain, the source added, indicating “the step taken so far strongly suggests that KAC will fire the pilot.”

Source: Arab Times

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