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KAC opens new office in Bu Hamdoun, Lebanon
July 13, 2016, 3:55 pm

Kuwait Airways Co. (KAC) has opened a new passenger service office in city of Bu Hamdoun in the Mount Lebanon area, said KAC director in Lebanon Misha'al Al-Saleh on Wednesday.

Passengers living in Bu Hamdoun and other towns nearby such as Sofer, Alya, Hamana, and Faloga, who normally had to go to KAC's office in Beirut to book flights, now can do so in the airline's office in Bu Hamdoun, saving them a long trip to the capital city, he told KUNA.

Furthermore, he pointed out that booking of flights on KAC can also be done through the airline's online services including the use of KAC's app on smart phones. He emphasized KAC's indefatigable efforts at streamlining all its services for the comfort of its patrons. 

Source: KUNA

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