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KAC: bringing Kuwaitis back from Lebanon going as planned
November 11, 2017, 8:30 am

The process of bringing Kuwaitis back from Lebanon is going according to the plan set by the Foreign Ministry and other authorities, said Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) Friday.

In an online statement, KAC said that Kuwaiti citizens would not need to change their flight reservations, affirming that they can return to the country as soon as they desire with no additional charge.

The Airways added that their representatives in Beirut and the Kuwaiti Embassy in Lebanon would provide the necessary assistance to ensure the safe return of Kuwaiti nationals. By next Sunday, Kuwait Airways will halt the emergency flights and resume normal flight schedules.

Kuwait Airways announced yesterday that it would be sending the 330-seat Boeing 777 to Beirut to help in the process. In a statement Thursday, the Foreign Ministry urged Kuwaiti citizens currently in Lebanon to leave the country immediately.

The statement attributed the step to circumstances experienced by Lebanon at the moment, as well as a precautionary measure against any negative impact that might take place.

Source: KUNA

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