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K-Tic hosts Grand Iftar Programs
June 26, 2016, 10:54 am

Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic), a non-profit socio-welfare Islamic organization, established in February 2006, registered with Embassy of India, Kuwait and also registered with Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs under the Administration of Grand Mosque and Administration of Mosque Dept. of Ministry of Awqaf of Kuwait serves Iftar to the Tamil community in Kuwait during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Since 2013, Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) has been arranging Grand Ifthaar on all days of Ramadan at the Tamil Khutbah Masjid in Khaitan. 

This year Ifthaar was arranged with variety of items including, Porridge of Tamilnadu - special Gruel (Nonbu Kanji), Dates, Water, Laban, Juices, Fresh Fruits like Orange, Apple, Banana, Watermelon and snacks like Vada, Samosa, Bajji and Sweets.

Before Ifthaar, important announcements are made followed by Dhikr and Dua’a. After Magrib prayer Dinner is arranged in “Sahan” (big round plate) where five individuals sit and eat together as a group.

Including ladies and kids, everyday about 1,200 individuals are attending the Ifthaar programs, the count of which rises to 1,500 during weekends.

Following prayers, many quiz and Dua’a recitation competitions are held.  

K-Tic also proposed to arrange Qiyam Al Lail. An eminent scholar from India shall deliver a lecture on last ten days of Ramadan. The attendees shall be provided with Shuhoor food.

The program is being arranged by the Volunteers of K-Tic in the guidance of their executives. Separate seating arrangement is made for Ladies in all programs.  K-Tic invites all to take part in the programs irrespective of religion and nationality. 

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