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Jumbo Travel promotes Disneyland Paris in Kuwait
March 15, 2015, 11:58 am

Disneyland Paris held its 4th year annual roadshow with Jumbo Travel at JW Marriott Hotel. Director of Sales for International markets Mac Donnel held a presentation of the bird’s eye view of Disney Paris’ parks, hotels, cruises and latest attraction in the Disneyland.

The event commenced with brief welcome remarks delivered by Senior Business Development Manager for Holiday and Retail Mansur Pasha immediately followed by video presentation by Mr. Donnel highlighted details of the parks and their newest attractions that recently opened to the public.

Mr. Donnel also gave brief description of Disney cruises and their destinations this year. Questions were raised by different travel representatives present during the presentation and in turn Mr. Donnel also asked questions details about her presentations and gave out gifts and prizes to those who gave the right answers.

Fun games immediately followed with host Ricky Laxa leading the crowd to the delight of everyone. A buffet dinner was later announced. Grand prize winner of two nights and three days stay at Disney Hotel Paris and return tickets for two courtesy of KLM and Air France Airlines, Jumbo Travel’s partners to this year’s road show.

Pasha thanked all the travel agents and owners for attending the 4th road show in Kuwait and in particular their airline partners. He also urged everyone to promote Disney Paris to their clients as a top destination for the year and coordinate with Jumbo Travel should they need added information and assistance.  “We provide easy access to Disney products for consumers and travel agents alike in Kuwait, while affirming our commitment to promote these spectacular family themed Disney destinations all through a hassle-free travel experience,” commented Marie-Anne Benedetti, Managing Director at Jumbo Tour and Travel Company.

Europe’s number one tourist destination, Disneyland Paris has welcomed more than 275 million visits since opening in 1992 (14.9 million visits in 2013). The resort boasts two spectacular theme parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park) and seven themed Disney hotels with 5,800 rooms (more than 2,200 rooms are available in Selected and Associated Hotels). Two full-service convention centers and a world-class 27-hole golf course are also present.

In addition to this, the destination is home to Disney Village - one of the largest entertainment complexes in the Ile-de-France region. Spread over more than 30,000m², Disney Village proposes themed dining, shopping and cinema experiences. Disneyland Paris comprises 59 attractions, 63 shops, and 55 restaurants.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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