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Joylene Gonsalves, Glen Vas march into finals of GVOM-5
October 1, 2016, 1:54 pm

In a professionally organized Kuwait segment of Gulf Voice of Mangalore Season 5, Joylene Gonsalves from Mount Rosay, Kalyanpur/ Holy Rosary, Kundapur Parish and Glen Vas from Bondel, Mangalore have entered into the finals in the female and male category respectively. The winners will contest for the coveted title of Gulf Voice of Mangalore Season 5 to be held in Bahrain on 11 November this year.


After the stupendous success of four seasons Gulf Voice of Mangalore (GVOM) Season-5 semi-final was organized by Kuwait’s No#1 Mangalorean Association Kuwait Canara Welfare Association (KCWA) on Friday, 30 September at American International School. GVOM is considered to be the most popular and biggest Konkani reality show in the Middle East.

Anil Fernandes introduced the event with GVOM History after Bhajan Aalaap by First GVOM Vinay Lewis from backstage.  The curtains opened with the live music by ‘Muzik Collective’ led by Kiran Gonsalves.  GVOM title winners of last four seasons G (Gladys Lorena), V (Vinay Lewis), O (Orson D’Souza) and M (Morvine Quadros) appeared on the stage to sing the GVOM theme song.  It was a rare opportunity to witness all 4 winners of previous seasons and a rare coincidence of 4 consecutive wins with winner’s names starting from letters GVOM, which was first noted by Kuwait’s popular guitarist Joy Fernandes.  After the Speech of KCWA President Praveen Menezes, a souvenir was released to mark the event by Fr. Noel D’Almeida and Committee members.

GVOM Kuwait Semifinalists and Judges Alwyn Noronha, Edith D'souza and Ajith Peter D'souza were called to the dais and were introduced. Judging criteria was announced by GVOM Coordinator Steeven Misquit who was also actively involved in last 4 seasons of GVOM.  It was followed by the competition for the 12 participants Roshan Olivera, Rilson D'souza, Marcus Almeida, Hywel Pinto, Glen Vas, Maxy Pinto, Renuka Cutinha, Joyline Gonsalves, Irene Santhmayor, Renita Raina D'mello, Cynthia Mable Pinto and Flavy Pereira.

In between the competition, musicians John Kiran Gonsalves (Lead Keyboard), Alwyn Fernandes (Lead Guitar), Joy Fernandes (Rhythm Guitar), Jackson D'souza(Bass Guitar), Ronald Rodrigues(Acoustic Drums), Ethan Fernandes (Keyboard), Joyston D'souza (Congo & percussions), Prashantha Pais(Violin)and Austin Salins (Trumpet) were introduced.  It was a record in GVOM history of 5 seasons that 9 musicians played live for any level of competition.  Semifinalists, musicians and Audition Judges Joe D'souza, Gratian D’Souza and Glady Noronha were felicitated by Naveen Ranjith after the competition.  Sponsors, judges and singers were felicitated by Fr. Noel D'Almeida and Fr. Blany Pinto during the event. Chief Guest Konkani Sahitya Academi President Roy Castelino GVOM Founders Lawrence Pinto and Louis Rodrigues were felicitated with a shawl, fruit basket, flowers and memento.  GVOM Founder organizers Rita Rodrigues and Wilson Saldanha were felicitated with flower bouquets.  Fr. Noel and Roy Castelino spoke few words about GVOM.  Roy gave an important information that Konkani is among 22 national languages spoken by 41 communities and written in 5 scripts.

After intervals, the cultural part of the event started with song ‘Konknni Uronk Zai’ by Alwyn Noronha and Edith D'souza. The audience thoroughly enjoyed various songs such as ‘Disco Disco’, ‘Lag Ja Gale’, ‘Mog Tuzo Kitlo Ashello’, ‘Vengenth Gevun’, ‘Pavs go Baye’ and ‘Kanthaar Karun’. 

Rib-tickling jokes Dr. Lobochen Clinic, Halli taun Delhi TV Show, Olympic Kutamb and Richaso Mog were enacted by Lional Mascarenhas, Lucy Aranha, Rajesh Fernandes, Sathish Saldanha, and Zaneta Aranha which were written and directed by Lucy Aranha and Lionel Mascarenhas.  Music for the jokes was provided by Purandhara Manchi.  Foot tapping dances for recorded and live songs were choreographed by Dafney Rodrigues, Nigel D'Souza, Joyce Olivia D'Souza, Cyndrella Gonsalves, Inese Martis and Susan Saldhana were enjoyed by the audience.

The anticipated time then arrived with the announcement of Joylene Gonsalves and Glen Vas as the finalists by Anil Fernandes in the presence of the judges and Roy Castelino, which was welcomed with a huge round of applause from the audience. The winners were presented with flowers, decorated with sashes and trophies by Roy Castelino.

The audiences were entertained with the nonstop music, dance and jokes. The sound, lightings and stage with giant LED was a great effort by CAMCO Global Events, who also provided the professional equipment during last 4 seasons.  Music by Muzik Collective under the leadership of Kiran Gonsalves was excellent and it raised the show to a professional standard. The addition of popular music composer and guitarist Alwyn Fernandes Dubai gave a special flavor to the show.  It was a memorable experience for the Kuwait audience to witness him play music for 2 seasons.

The proceeds of the program will be sent to Nirmala- Home for destitute, Alangar.  A presentation on the same was shoed to the audience.  The program was well compered by Anil Fernandes, Linette D'souza, Deepak Andrade and Freya Saldanha.  Vote of thanks was proposed by Steeven Misquith.

Multi Media Presentation was done by Rajesh Aranha & Reema D'souza.  Program Coordinator Steevan Misquith and core committee members Albert Praveen Menezes, Anil Fernandes, John Kiran Gonsalves, Linette D'souza along with whole KCWA team has put their selfless efforts to make it a grand event.


Report & Pics: Wilson Saldanha, Shirthady/Kuwait




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