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Jordanian jailed for nine years in KSA for spying for Israel
October 31, 2013, 9:44 am

A Saudi court convicted a Jordanian citizen of spying for Israel and sentenced him to nine years in jail and 80 lashes, a pro-government Saudi newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are officially enemies, although the US-allied Muslim kingdom has for more than a decade been promoting a plan for Israel to withdraw from occupied Arab lands in exchange for peace with the entire Arab world.

The Arabic-language Al Riyadh newspaper did not identify the Jordanian but said the Riyadh criminal court found him guilty of "writing to the Israeli prime minister and communicating with a Zionist (Israeli) intelligence officer" by email and receiving a financial payment.

The pro-government newspaper said the court also convicted the defendant, who was not identified, of using narcotics and having an illicit relationship with a foreign woman.

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