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Jobs before landing your dream job
June 1, 2014, 1:16 pm

Whether you're a recent college grad or settled into your career, you've probably discovered that finding a job that fulfils your passions and gives you purpose is a journey within itself. Although this can be discouraging at times, the journey to your dream job can be one of the most rewarding experiences you have in your career. Here are five different jobs you'll have in your career that will lead you closer to your dream job:

Your first entry job: The job that gets your foot in the door of your industry will probably be the first entry-level job you accept after graduation. This job is your first chance to get your feet wet and determine if you're on the right career path. Your first entry-level job will teach you a lot of things about your career goals and passions.

Job with industry connections: During your career, do your very best to never burn any bridges. Each job you have will serve its purpose in your career, whether it was a good experience or not. The job that provides you with a surplus of industry connections could be your first job or third job. However, it's a job that provided you with the opportunity to grow your network and meet influential people for your career. The connections you make will definitely lead you to new opportunities and provide you with references and advice about your next career move.

Job you're promoted to: This is a job you'll probably have mid-career after you've had some experience. You'll probably work very hard to earn your promotions and then find yourself asking, what's next? The job that rewards you with promotions is a great way to get closer to your dream job because it provides you with more experience and helps you build your resume. In fact, if you're already working for your dream company, these promotions could lead you to your ideal position within that company. On the other hand, the promotion can also give you the boost you need to pursue other opportunities outside of your current company, too.

The hated job:  When you have a less than satisfactory job, it can make you question your career, create stress in your life, or even cause you to settle for your current situation. Just because you have one bad job doesn't mean your career is over. It's simply a sign that it's time for you to move on and find a position that satisfies your personal and career needs.

The job you love, but quit: If you think you've found a job you love and couldn't imagine quitting, but then an opportunity comes along that's even better. When this happens, you have to decide if you want to cross that bridge and explore new options to further your career.



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