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Job Fair 2018 accommodates more companies, opens additional hall
April 7, 2018, 2:37 pm

Job Fair 2018, an open recruitment event for Filipinos and Nepalese applicants with Visa 18, has opened an additional hall in response to the request from local companies to participate and source out applicants within Kuwait to fill out available jobs in each company. The event scheduled for the 20 and 21 April at Best Western Plus Hotel in Salmiya will open from 9 am till 5 pm. Several top tier companies have already signed up to the event and more participants are expected to join in the first one of its kind event.

Mohammad Al Mutawa, CEO of Jeem International Trading Company and organizer of the Job Fair 2018 said that Filipinos and Nepalese nationals have always been in demand in numerous companies from semi-skilled to skilled levels due to their passion and dedication for work and positive attitude towards clients and working environment. “This event has been organized in response to numerous requests from companies which need employees to fill in available posts fitted for both nationals. We have high hopes that many will turn up and apply for jobs,” commented Al Mutawa.

Several companies that have signed up for the event includes job vacancies for food and restaurants, hospitality, home care, fashion, beauty and aesthetics, medical that include nurses and attendants, office staffs, technical jobs, art and other specialized skills. The Job fair 2018 is a platform which brings together interested applicants in search of good working conditions and better paying jobs and employers in need of highly competent applicants to join their companies. “Our company hopes that we will meet the applicants we need for our positions and be able to operate fully our services for clients,” commented Nasser Ali, Human Resources Manager.

Ahmed Samir, Hotels and Resort Operations Manager of Best Western Plus Hotel said that the hotel has been one of the most preferred hotels where Filipinos could hold their events and added he is in support of the Job Fair 2018. He thanked the community for patronizing the premise. Best Western Plus hotel is located at the back of Al Salam Mall in Salmiya.  For details of the event, applicants and companies may call: 65608508 /50892375

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