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Jimmy Choo releases Women’s Autumn/Winter 2016
March 17, 2016, 12:35 pm

Romance and robustness. Decadence and daintiness. Authority and anarchy. Supplication and domination. Liberation and constraint. Uniformity and individuality.

Every modern woman is engaged in a constant negotiation between the contradictions of her own character and those of the world around us. It’s dialectic overload. Enlightenment comes through balance: a sweet-spot of exquisite tension achieved through control.

Creative Director, Sandra Choi embraced contrast to achieve harmony for this winter’s Jimmy Choo collection. The references are manifold but never overt: deep below the waterline, her inspirations included the hard lushness of masculine military regalia, the sensual rainbow palette of Art Nouveau - plus a touch of Edwardian flounce and aviatrix strength. The result is a collection of assertive opulence: eclectic equipment for a modern woman of many facets to run free in.

"A whole range of different references - from regimental to La Belle Époque - provided me with the creative raw material to explore a sense of sensual friction. Why friction? Because tension and contrasts are at the heart of this collection - most particularly tough fused with soft. And because friction generates heat," said Sandra Choi, Creative Director.

An over the knee boot ribbed with buckle and strap from top to toe, the MALOY’s style subverts old-school masculine militarism through contemporary feminine boldness.

The MAZZY is a high-shine ankle boot with raised faux-brogue decorations and cosmetic welting details, both of which transmit a memory of masculine footwear. Its elasticated fastening semaphores the versatility and modernity of this pull-on, head out style.

A five-strap sandal atop Choi’s new foot-flattering, tapered optical-illusion heel, the TRICK contrasts tough leather against raw suede and a glint of buckle. Presented in amber, army green or black.

The shine of gold eyelets, the decadent richness of velvet, a hint at corsetry through lacing, a flash of skin at open-toe or mid-foot all combine in the sensually playful MARI shoe. Layers of corsetry touched lace swathe the foot in the KIA bootie, an opulently-worked piece of armour - protection and provocation in one shoe. The exhilarating signature of the KIKI is the double-layer ruffle of fringed satin that jinks across the foot.

Whether all in black, in three shades of pink, or as a top-stitched conversation between amber and olive, the MITSU satin ankle-boot emanates strength and playfulness through the flash of fringing adorning its elasticated tongue. The DEXX piped elevated slipper combines a masculine profile - and tassle - with rich finishes of Bordeaux velvet or dyed feather.

The golden flash of military frogging and chevron is the source code of the two tone variant on the permanent collection LUCY ankle strap pump, expressed through delicately marshalled ranks of embroidered gold pailettes.

The LOCKETT bag takes centre stage, but with multiple personalities - either decorated to echo the shoe styles of the season, or as a self-sufficient proposition in itself. Its boldest iterations include a style featuring a block of red-piped ostrich leg body flanked with pony animal print and a detachable scarlet and black fox fur shoulder ruff decorating the strap.

The TWIST is a two panel tote with an ingenious arrangement of straps that ensures both materials are always on show. It converts - with a twist - into a backpack.

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