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Jazzy jelly sandals
August 25, 2015, 12:35 pm

In the 1980s, jelly shoes were tagged as populist shoes most likely because they were cheap and accessible.  Now, the much-loved jelly shoes of those decades are back in fashion.  Some of you may be curious about such an odd fashion fad worming its way to mainstream fashion. Don’t worry, all it takes is good styling tips, and you will come to treasure these cute shoes and consider them a must-have in your collection. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate jelly sandals into your everyday style.

Try the colourful belle:  A colourful vibrant outfit cements that idea that these shoes are all about fun. An adorable pair of bright colored jelly sandals works so well with a funky top with quirky print and a vintage-style skirt. To make the ultimate fashion statement, try on a breezy neon dress and flash a matching pair of jelly shoes. It is an eclectic look, but it definitely exudes a modish vibe.

For days when you want to look presentable, wear your jelly sandals with structured styles like an above-the-knee pencil skirt, and maybe a quirky pullover. Don’t hesitate to try meshing or clashing colours for the party girl look.

Pretty girl calling: Fashion's most ever-present shoe look goes minimal with a simple slipdress or maybe a sun dress.  Paired with jelly sandals or jelly slippers, and your flouncy attire is the perfect way to say hello to summer.

Clear jelly sandals go well with all colors, so feel free to play around with fun colors and prints, though another alternative is to use a shade from your summery frock for your footwear. As a chic alternative to heels, you can even wear your stylish heeled jelly sandals with an ankle-grazing dress and futuristic accessories to make an appearance for any summer party.

Mixing it up: Make your presence known with a complete style explosion, push the boundaries, and wear your jelly sandals with eclectic pieces. Go for something like a peplum top paired with distressed jeans.  You can even show you are more a style diva by showing off print socks. Another idea is to shrug on a fringe jacket over a midi-length dress to achieve an approachable boho effect, then sport jelly sandals in a criss-cross shape for added sass.

The other major on-trend style you can attempt, an edgy and grungy look consisting of a psychedelic-printed off-shoulder top, trendy jeans with detailing, and transparent jelly sandals. Accentuate your glittery transparent jelly sandals with silver accessories for extra pizazz.

Sleek and casual: Now that dungarees are very hot, wear your jelly sandals with one. Dungarees over colorful tops and jazzy jelly sandals are an ensemble that is oh-so-right.  If you stick to pastel pieces, your bright-colored jelly sandals will pop against them.

Another styling tip, roll up your denim overalls before stepping into jelly sandals to show them off.

Yes, jelly sandals can also dress up a pair of skinny jeans or a slack/sweater combo in a very sleek and simple way—just steer clear of versions with embellishments, instead opting for classic ones in black, silver, blue, and other staple shades. 

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