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Jakarta Tourism roadshow introduces travel opportunities
December 1, 2014, 12:07 pm

The Department of Tourism and Culture in Jakarta, Indonesia, held ‘Jakarta Tourism’ a roadshow to promote the Indonesian capital as a premier tourist destination. The roadshow, which was held from 26 – 30 November, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and at The Avenues Mall, drew good response from visitors. Many hoteliers and tour operators along with Garuda Airlines, the national carrier of Indonesia, participated in the event. 

A dance performance, called the Betawi dance depicted the culture of Jakarta culture, giving visitors an idea of the cultural attractions that await them. According to the Head of Tourism and Culture Department, Dr. Arie Budiman, the cultural performances were conducted with the aim of promoting Jakarta as a tourist destination. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, offers a variety of entertainment venues and provides plenty of shopping options.

 The Jakarta Tourism was held in the Middle East, after successful events in Selangor and Penang - Malaysia, and Xiamen - China.

Dr. Arie Budiman, Head of Tourism and Culture Dept., said,  "The promotion of the tourism sector in the eyes of the world Jakarta continues to be done by the Department of Tourism and Culture Dept. in various ways, through various promotional activities both within the country and abroad in the form of cultural performances up to a roadshow to several potential target countries for Jakarta. These activities were conducted with the aim to maintain the image of Jakarta as a tourist destination and increase the role of the tourism industry in Jakarta, both in the aviation sector, hospitality, entertainment or tour operator.”

"Jakarta with different strengths offers many vacation packages and tours to all people, in addition to the completeness and ease of transportation. The shopping variety from fashion to everyday needs also make Jakarta as a shopping paradise," said Cucu Ahmad Kurnia, Head of Promotion Jakarta Tourism. "In addition, data from the Central Statistics Agency of Jakarta noted that for tourist arrivals in August to September 2014 to reach 404 215 visits, as well as room occupancy rate (TPK) on a five-star hotel in the month of September 2014 reached 58.91 percent, rising higher 1.90 percent when compared to the month of August 2014.

With the promotional activities in Abu Dhabi and Kuwait, the Middle East is expected to help increase the number of foreign tourist visits to Jakarta. Some airlines serving the route from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi and Jakarta-Kuwait namely Garuda Indonesia and Etihad Airways will increase their flight frequency as much as twice a day.

Promotion activities of Jakarta Tourism and Culture in the Middle East  was held in two states this year, namely Abu Dhabi from 23 to 26 November and Kuwait from 26 to 30 November. The Jakarta tourism stakeholders who participated consisted of hoteliers and tour operators. Activities such as B2B and B2C events will help bring together industry players from Jakarta that can introduce Jakarta travel with attractive offers, so it is believed will increase the value of their sales both during and after the events.

Tourist arrivals in September 2014 to Jakarta through three entrances (Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tanjung Priok and Halim Perdana Kusuma) reached 179 723 visits. Ten countries from where the most visitors come to Jakarta in the month of September 2014: Malaysia (24 451 visits); Japan (17 943 visits); China (17 786 visits); Singapore (15 216 visits); Saudi Arabia (12 272 visits); America (6235 visits); South Korea (6,231 visits); India (5760 visits); Netherlands (5347 visits) and Australia (5218 visits).

"In addition to the majority of the Muslim religious community, cultural similarities also expected to encourage tourists to visit the Middle East Jakarta," said Arie Budiman, Head of Tourism and Culture Jakarta. According to Kemenparekraf in August this year the number of tourist arrivals to Indonesia has reached 6.15 million people, and the most number of tourists hail from the Middle East, of course, things like this can encourage us along the Jakarta tourism stakeholders to continue to develop Jakarta tourism sector and try to highlight the other side of Jakarta, which is not owned by the place - tourist attractions in Indonesia, these efforts continue to be made to introduce a multi dimensional Jakarta again in the eyes of the world," he added.

As the capital city, Jakarta, offers a variety of entertainment venues both for Free Individual Travelers (FIT) and groups, in addition to the plenty of shopping options. As a centralized Indonesia, Jakarta has everything you need, the number of malls as much as 86 dan15.896 hotel room allows you to find everything you want, starting with a 3 star hotel accommodation up to the hotel with a very complete facilities in 5 star hotels, not only it's just the distance between the inn with the shopping center was a consideration of foreign tourists come to Jakarta, Pacific Place Mall call it - Ritz Carlton Hotel, Mall Ciputra - Hotel Ciputra and Grand Indonesia Mall - Grand Hyatt interconnected. All the culture and beauty you can only enjoy when you visit Jakarta.

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