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Jahra, Abdul Nasser road projects to be completed by end of next year - Minister
July 17, 2017, 8:38 am

The Minister of Public Works Abdulrahman Al-Mutawa said on Sunday the development of Al-Jahra and Jamal Abdul Nasser two main roads will be completed by the end of next year.

The minister made his remarks, during a ceremony for the inauguration of two tunnels and a bridge in Al-Jahra road and Jamal Abdul Nasser projects, part of the overall projects, and in cooperation with the ministry of Interior represented by the General Directorate of Traffic.

The minister noted that full completion of Al-Jahra road project reached 93 percent, while Abdul Nasser road reached 85 percent.

In a statement after the ceremony, Al-Mutawa said his ministry will continue to be part of the inauguration process for road projects to facilitate traffic for the use of roads and to reduce traffic congestion, especially in these traffic density areas surrounding the two projects.

The minister noted that these projects are vital for several service institutions and populated areas. Al-Mutawa added that the completion rate now in Al-Jahra reached 93 percent and that there is little to left.

As for Jamal Abdel-Nasser's project, it reached 85 percent and both projects will be completed by the end of next year.

Al-Mutawa thanked citizens and residents in the areas near the two projects for their understanding during this period, especially during the closure of other roads and the opening of some alternative routes that may have caused some inconvenience to some of those who use these roads.

Al-Mutawa pointed also to the completion of several projects implemented by the Ministry of Public Works during the summer, such as the Ministry of Education building project, the Ministry of Education building project, the building of the Institute of Medical Communications, the Kuwait Institute for Judicial Studies building and many road maintenance projects around the country.

Source: KUNA

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