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Jade Garden
May 29, 2016, 11:05 am

With an extensive menu that can cater to any palate, Jade Garden goes far beyond what we have come to expect from Chinese food. Serving up much-loved staples, as well as new creations, most of the dishes here hail from the Schezuan province of China. Their dishes include beef oyster, Kungpao chicken, a variety of Schezuan dishes and Kindo galore. Accompany all your dishes with an order of rice and noodles, and be sure to try the beef bacon fried with cumin and chili. Served on a wooden skewer, this is a sensory delight and a fun addition to your meal.

Popular dish: Diced Chicken Wrap, minced chicken and beancurd wrapped in a delicate egg roll.

Location: 12th floor of Gulf Hotel, Baghdad Street. Call 2572 1040.

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