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Jack and Jill – Bhavans, Mangaf observes World Environment day
June 15, 2014, 2:18 pm

Every year on 5 June, "World Environment day" is celebrated to raise global awareness to protect nature and the planet Earth.  Bhavans Jack and Jill made a humble attempt to create awareness among the tiny tots of their school about the importance of 'nature conservation.'

Rathi Ravindran, Principal of Jack and Jill Bhavans, spoke to the children about the importance of safeguarding mother Earth from climate change and global warming.

The children of UKG. - A   conducted a special assembly on this day which began with a prayer following the thought for the day – "Nothing in the nature lives for itself.  Rivers don't drink their own water.  Trees don't eat their own fruit.  Sun doesn't give heat for itself.  Flowers don't spread fragrance for themselves.  This had a moral – "living for others is the rule of Nature". A short play "the lonely seed" was staged by the children as part of the World Environment Day Celebrations.

Peppy kids of Jack and Jill, Mangaf appeared on stage confidently in characters like a small seed, shoot, big tree, birds, butterflies, soil, god of sun, god of rain, angel etc. The main idea of the play was to encourage planting more trees. It was followed by a World Environment Day Anthem.

Teachers emphasized the slogan of World Environment Day 2014 - "Raise your voice, not the sea level". The day ended with the children taking an oath to protect the planet and the environment.

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