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JW Marriott Kuwait treats La Chaine des Rotisseurs members to dinner
December 3, 2016, 5:10 pm

JW Marriott Kuwait held a casual dinner for La Chaine des Rotisseurs Bailliage du Koweit Members to celebrate the opening of its new restaurant ‘Crossroads’. The dinner was kicked off by a speech given by the Cluster General Manager of Kuwait Marriott Hotels, George Aoun, in which he thanked the Chaine members for attending the dinner and explained the concept of the new restaurant ‘Crossroads’.

Guests were treated to an exquisite buffet featuring dishes from all over the world, including Italian, Indian, Asian and Mediterranean delicacies. The restaurant also offers extensive a la carte menus with regional and international dishes such as latin churrasco, five-spice rosemary bbqued ribs, Sicilian style seabass, pan-roasted salmon and cilantro prawns.

In addition, the menu features decadent desserts, including bitter chocolate mousse cake, exotic fruit platters, crème brûlée and the famous New York cheese cake. And for beverages, the menu provides an array of exotic fruit and vegetable drinks.

One of the restaurant’s unique features is the open kitchen, which enables guests to see and smell their food choices while chefs are preparing them. Furthermore, the different food stations at Crossroads are seamlessly fused within the large and elegant dining space, to allow guests to enjoy an exciting and fun experience.

Cluster General Manager of Marriott Hotels in Kuwait, Mr. Aoun said, "With this new addition, we are looking to move away from the traditional dining concept and provide guests with a more enjoyable dining experience."

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