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J.W. Marriott organizes Ghabgah for media
July 9, 2015, 12:11 pm

J.W. Marriott Hotel held its annual ''Ramadan Ghabgah'' for the press corps and hotel guests on Tuesday evening, 30 June. The event was attended by a great number of journalists and media representatives belonging to various newspapers and T.V. channels. At the onset of this Ramadan traditional late evening snacks, all guests were given a warm welcome by Ahmed El Meligui, Marriott Kuwait Cluster Director of Sales and Marketing.

He also expressed happiness to host such a distinguished gathering which brought together a wonderful group in Al-Jahra ballroom which was exotically decorated to echo the Ramadan spirit. With its oriental decoration, Al-Jahra ballroom may be considered the best venue for holding ‘Iftar’ and ‘Ghabgah’ events, as it its fully equipped for such occasions and can accommodate large crowds.

El Meligui also expressed deep appreciation of all the companies that sponsored the event, the most prominent of which were North Gulf Trading Co. (Hundai), Al-Ettihad Aviation and Kaifan Optics, which will offer numerous prizes during the weekly raffles held by the Hotel. The prizes include a Hundai Gamma, air tickets, besides many other valuable items awaiting the lucky guests of Al-Jahra ballroom, where the Ramadan Tent'' is held.

The guests evidently enjoyed the family atmosphere coupled with Ramadan spirit. They were served delicious appetizers, a variety of soups, delightful sea foods, and oriental dishes in addition to a generous choice of grills and shawarmas which were prepared by a team of skillful chefs.

The guests also experienced the unforgettable taste of the savory sweets prepared by the J.W. Marriott teams, who truly excelled themselves in producing wide choice of sweet delicacies.

Moreover, Shisha lovers enjoyed a variety of tobacco flavours, and puffed the night away on the beats of oriental music which was played to the guests’ marvel.

With its exotic and wonderful Ramadan nights, J.W. Marriott remains the best choice for families and guests during the blessed month and beyond, for the Marriott Experience continues to enchant the guests throughout the year with its exceptional offers.

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