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Italian embassy launches ‘Italian Week’
November 18, 2018, 11:50 am

Ambassador of Italy H.E. Giuseppe Scognamiglio held a press conference last week to announce the third annual celebration of ‘Italian Week’ from 18 to 25 November. The media briefing held at the embassy premises on 13 November was attended by representatives of the local media, special guests and sponsors of the event.

Addressing the gathering, Ambassador Scognamiglio said that the success of two previous editions of ‘Italian Week’, held in 2016 and 2017, had encouraged the embassy “to repeat and consolidate this important initiative”.

Elaborating on the event, the ambassador said, “We especially intend to present to our Kuwaiti friends a rich variety of events, ranging from music to art and design, from fashion to gastronomy, from technology and the promotion of the ‘Made by Italy’ to the wonders of our advanced industries, from science to language and culture. We also wish to expand their knowledge of Italy and its excellence”.

“These activities are aimed at displaying the multifaceted Italian culture, lifestyle, extraordinary taste, and our industry, and are also a great opportunity to highlight the deep bonds, strong friendship and excellent relations between Italy and Kuwait, while exploring the many ways to further strengthen it.”

He added that the opening of the Italian Week will feature “an amazing airshow at the Kuwaiti Towers, performed by the Italian Air Force Acrobatic Team ‘Frecce Tricolori’, the world’s largest acrobatic formation.

The Italian Air Force Test Flight Center and ‘Frecce Tricolori’ are expected to perform three aerial displays on 17 and 18 November, (from 1.50pm. to 2.50pm), in the skies above the Kuwait Towers. “The long walkway stretching between Kuwait Towers and Green Island will be the perfect spot to admire the professionalism and skills of our pilots,” the ambassador said with obvious pride.

Other events during Italian Week, which were highlighted by the ambassador at the press briefing, include a jazz concert featuring the Daniele Sepe Quartet; a design exhibition on water conservation titled ‘Shapes of Water’ which aims to encourage people to conserve water; and a ‘Walking Art Exhibition’ that details the history of art and fashion in Italian footwear, which will showcase why Italian products  are considered top quality worldwide.

Ambassador Scognamiglio also encouraged everyone to join in a beach cleanup initiative the embassy is planning as part of the celebration.

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