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Italian body builder representing Kuwait bags second prize in Asia Pacific Competition
January 14, 2018, 12:09 pm

Federico Focherini bagged the second place in the recent Asia Pacific Body Building Competition in Singapore. Prior to the competition, Focherini also won the grand prize in the category of Grand Masters of the International Kuwait Cup and placed 5th in the recent World Competition in Cyprus. Focherini, who is a personal trainer and mentor of body builders, works at Ras Salmiyah Gym in Salmiya.

In a brief interview with Focherini, he said that he has been competing for the past 31 years of his career at body builder and trainer. “I was a javelin thrower and somehow was inspired with this golden man posing in a circus when my father took me once to watch a show, such an act inspired me and created a huge impact in my career,” said Focherini. He started to compete in his junior years at the age of 17 and won his first series of major prizes as national champion in Italy and Europe in 1995, Mr. World in Malta and the highlight of his career; won the overall grand prize for Mr. Universe in 1996, he turned Pro in 1997 till 2002 and placed in the hall of fame last year 2017. Unfortunately, Focherini suffered setbacks in his career when he suffered muscular and tendon problems after a huge car accident in Italy in 2002.

“I had problems with my triceps and arms caused by the accident and somehow lost the perfect symmetry in my body, it was difficult to train and regain it since part of my muscle was somehow now there. I have had 28 surgeries for the past 13 years,” added Focherini.

“I initially moved to South Africa since my family is there and since I needed to earn better I took the job in Kuwait, I have been here for the past two years and few months. It has been very hard since part of my family is in Italy and others are in South Africa but I am thankful to Mr. Ali Ibrahim of Ras Salmiyah for this great opportunity and all the generous help he had extended,” stated Focherini. Body Building according to Focherini is a poor man’s sports since you spend more in preparations, but win little money on competitions. It is, however, the love for the sports which make body builders go through such rigid diets and workouts.

When asked for his personal views on young body builders, Focherini said that young body builders are getting lesser from ages to 21 many are elevated to the age of 24 age bracket due to lack of competitors and that more seniors are competing and due to technology, many have lost interest in this kind of sports.

“Refrain from using steroids, learn the fundamentals of training and food. The kind of food you eat and training you do will eventually manifest in your shape not to mention the health repercussion such as collapses in kidney, liver and eventually heart,” added Focherini.  He plans to assist Ras Salmiyah to organize the second International Kuwait Cup in 2018 and maybe participate. “It’s hard to say if it is my last competition as it’s so hard to stay away from the sports,” concluded Focherini.

Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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