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Iraq recieves aid pledges in reconstruction conference
February 14, 2018, 5:12 pm

A number of Arab and foreign nations on Wednesday announced their financial contributions to Iraq in a Kuwait-hosted conference on reconstruction in the war-torn nation. Turkey has pledged USD five billion worth of loan funds and credit easing, while Saudia Arabia is contributing a share of USD one billion in aid money, in addition to a sum of USD 500 million to fund the Kindgom's exports to Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Qatar announced loan investments of up to USD one billion and the UAE is providing USD 500 million, in addition to USD 500 million given by the Islamic Development Bank.

The Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development pledged a fund worth USD 500 million, while the Finnish government is allocating a sum of USD 10 million for demining efforts.

Source: KUNA

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