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Iranian carrying drugs in abdomen
May 16, 2018, 8:54 am

Officers at the General Customs Department in coordination with Drug Control General Department foiled an attempt by one Iranian national to smuggle a quantity of heroin and opium he had swallowed just before touching down at Kuwait airport. 

Head of security and investigation and member of the customs media committee Khaled Al-Remaih said head of the office of Security Information Rashed Al-Barakah received a tip-off that an Iranian man was planning to smuggle drugs into the country. 

The suspect was detained upon arrival to the airport but nothing was found in his luggage but strange objects were spotted inside his abdomen through X-ray.

Al-Remaih said the suspect was referred to a hospital and doctors removed 260 grams of opium and heroin. He was referred with the contraband for further investigation. 

Peddlers attack police:

Police have arrested two Kuwaitis for trafficking in drugs and deliberately colliding with a police vehicle in a vain attempt to escape, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said a police patrol from the Taima Police Station suspected the two young men and ordered them to pull over.

However, the men in the car not only ignored, but collided with the police and one of them got out of the vehicle and started a fist fight with the officers. Both men then were controlled and handcuffed. At the time of arrest both men were disoriented and have criminal record.

Police have seized from their car 13 sachets of meth, a sensitive scale and narcotic pills. The contraband and the traffickers have been referred to the General Department for Drugs Control.

Source: Arab Times

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