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Iqbal Rajpurkar bids farewell to Kuwait after 38 years
April 28, 2015, 4:47 pm

After a long stint of 38 years in the oil rich Kingdom of Kuwait, Iqbal Rajpurkar, Deputy Director of Kuwait Cricket is leaving Kuwait for good. Mr. Rajpurkar, is a down to earth person and has been involved and associated in the field of cricket administration for a long period since being in Kuwait in the year 1977.

Having being born in Kuwait in the 50’s, and as a young lad, Iqbal Rajpurkar happened to spent some time watching the Englishmen play cricket in the Ahmadi cricket grounds and developed a liking towards the noble game and he continued to carry over the passion of playing cricket once he returned back to Kuwait after his graduation in 1977.

In the seventies, when cricket was mainly confined at the Ahmadi cricket grounds and the two major clubs Hubara & Unity Cricket clubs taking the lead roles of organizing cricket for locals clubs, Mr. Rajpurkar joined the Unity Cricket club and for quite a long period served the club with utmost dedication and unmatched perseverance.

One of the senior most cricket administrators in Kuwait, Mr. Rajpurkar was also associated with Kokan Cricket club for over a decade and ran the show with the same zeal and enthusiasm after being associated with Horizon cricket club in the early part of 2000.

Kuwait Cricket, while hosting more than a dozen International Cricket tournaments including the World Cricket league, Division 8 was indeed blessed with the dedicated services of Mr. Rajpurkar, which brought laurels to the host nation Kuwait as a favorite venue in the Middle East conducting International cricket tournaments.

After being elected as Deputy Director to Kuwait Cricket council, Mr. Rajpurkar played a key role in conducting the Junior cricket tournaments for U-16 & U-19 schoolboys and was a leading face in voluntarily supporting CRY cricket tournaments organized by Friends of CRY Club, Kuwait. 

A regular figure to be at the Sulaibiya and Jleeb Al-Shuwaikh grounds on every Friday, the new generation cricketers will never forget the unconditional support and humble nature of Iqbal Rajpurkar.

Players and administrators of the 9 bank teams affiliated to Kuwait Banks Club will always remember the towering presence of Iqbal Rajpurkar on Saturdays at Sulaibiya ground where he spent most of the day for the better interest of the game.

Kuwait Cricket is deeply grateful being associated with Iqbal Rajpurkar and would like to wish him a pleasant and peaceful retired life.

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