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Invisible lip liners
February 16, 2014, 10:25 am

Many women have fallen in love with the nifty little treasure known as the invisible lip liner. If you’re still one of those people who think lip liner is so 1992, invisible lip liner is the lip liner for you. Besides being clear and smudge-proof here are other reasons why the invisible lip liner is so adorable.

Reversible: Invisible lip liner can be worn two different ways. One, prolong the wear of lipstick by using it as a primer to line and fill in your lips. Two, you can also use it to line the outer perimeter of lips just outside the natural lip line. This creates a barrier effect to prevent bleeding and also fills in fine lines around the mouth.
Lip liner for dummies: One unexpected smear with the hot pink liner and your perfect cupids bow is shot. One slip with invisible lip liner and no one will be the wiser. It is the kind of lip liner you can apply in your car.

Lock in the look:  When applying your color lacquer, press it into your lips with your finger and then add the invisible lip liner to the outer edges. This lipstick-locking move will keep the lacquer in place for the long haul. For extra assurance, dust with a powder over your lipstick and then reapply the color. The layering affect will keep your loud mouth going strong for a couple of extra hours.

Make red your signature color: With a pretty invisible lip liner, you can make red a classic, sophisticated everyday shade that lets you get away with wearing almost no other makeup (save for a swipe of mascara). Instead of focusing on your skin tone, use your eye color as a guide. For light brown and hazel eyes try a red-orange tone, and a true blue-red works great for brown eyes. Finish off your lips with a swipe of an invisible lip liner for a fantastic look.

Create the perfect Cupids bow: Full, shapely lips always start with a solid foundation–lip liner. From vampy red lips to a bright pink pout, invisible lip liner lays the groundwork for whatever look you’re trying to achieve. You may think applying liner is a no-brainer, but if you haven’t been employing a solid technique, you’re lips probably end up looking weepy and misshapen. With the help of an invisible lip liner, you’ll get an undeniably even application and a cupids bow every time.

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