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Investing in quality boots
November 4, 2013, 11:16 am

Building a carefully curetted and varied cold weather wardrobe is an investment, both in time and money. But the good thing is that, like a perfect coat, a great pair of fall boots does not have to be tied to only one season. Trends in footwear last much longer than do those in clothing; here are a few suggestions on buying boots.

Invest in the perfect pair: The first starting point for buying fall boots: save up and buy quality. You may end up having to pay a little more for those boots but the quality you pay extra for means that you can wear them for so many more seasons. And you are wearing something that you can wear with everything because it is nice quality.

Choose a classic style: The more basic your style of fall boot, the easier it will be to wear them from season to season. Look beyond trends and buy brands and styles that will last the test of time. Clean, simple styling is the best as the trend of that boot doesn’t die quickly because there are not a lot of style elements related to the season’s trend. The current styles for boots are mid-calf as an ever-popular height, and ankle boots continue to go strong.

Have several pairs: It is easier to purchase several pairs of boots to wear on a daily basis than trying to find one that will go with everything you already own. Your boots will last longer as well. And if you choose wisely, you can extend the life of your three to four styles. This is a good way of building up a long-term boot wardrobe.

On-trend styles: If you’re going to spend major money, chances are that you’ll want to invest in fall boots in classic black or brown. But when building your boot wardrobe, incorporate the season’s trends in fun and unexpected ways, like say, buying a pair of ankle boots in cobalt suede or one of the season’s over-the-knee boots.

Take care of your boots: If you want your boots to last several seasons, you must commit to taking care of them. Tailor your shoe care products according tothe actual leather on the boot. If it is thick, oily leather, put mink oil at least once a week for protection. A quick wipe of mink oil makes the leather soft and supple. For shiny, polished leather on your ankle boots, opt for hard black polish. Be wary of using all-protector sprays, which can damage the leather, depending on the finish. Spray a small obscure piece to make sure there is no bubbling, or that it reacts with the finish on the leather.

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