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Investigations into injured Filipina, whether she jumped or was pushed
December 1, 2018, 6:08 pm

Marichu Reyes, Filipina household helper in Kuwait and native of Isabela province in Philippines, was reportedly found badly injured on Tuesday, according to a post circulating on social media. Reyes was discovered lying bleeding on the rubbles beside her building where she was working for a Kuwaiti family.  It is undetermined whether she jumped or was pushed.

A witness, who posted the news about Reyes on a social media account, gave an account that she was found about 10 in the morning in her injured state and mumbling words. An ambulance arrived in the area at 4 in the afternoon. The investigation is currently ongoing so the relevant facts have not been established as yet.  Local news reports earlier mentioned that she jumped off the building, and Philippine Charges D Affaires Nordin Lomondot was quoted that Reyes jumped off the third floor of her building in the Sabahiya area.

Philippine media news broadcast that the family of Reyes refused to believe that she had jumped as she had earlier complained about non-payment of salary and was working with several families at the same time, which had prompted her to complain to her family that she wanted to return home. Reyes was described by her family as responsible, caring and a loving mother to her kids and devoted to her family. They said she insisted to go overseas to earn well and give her family a better life. The family demands justice. The recruitment agency which deployed Reyes to Kuwait had faced several complaints from deployed house helpers related to abuses from employers in Kuwait and that its recruitment name had been recently changed.




Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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