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Internet providers to hike service charges
January 9, 2019, 5:18 pm

The possibility is looming that the Internet Service Providers and communication companies will raise their service charges for the public in the coming days. This is in response to rent increases by the Ministry of Communication for use of its facilities by the companies in various ministry locations. A local daily reported that the sudden decision shocked many internet companies as many owners were not notified prior to the increase.

A local daily quoted sources that the main internet companies are expected to increase charges for their services to recuperate the financial costs, which is substantial in some locations owned by the ministry.

The daily noted that some companies will be forced to pay a rent value of KD500 thousand annually for sites where they have had a longstanding agreement for years with the Ministry of Communication to use for their businesses. The decision to increase the rent of internet companies came into effect in the current month after the news item was published in the Official Gazette ‘Kuwait Today’ released on 30 December, 2018.

The new charges stipulate that a square meter in the Liberation Tower has seen an increase from KD 4 to KD 20, and with regards to other substations or switchboards, the cost was raised from KD 15 to KD 20. Meanwhile, the monthly rent of areas in the communication complex will be KD 250 for the first square meter, and KD 20 for an extra square meter.

The stakeholders are due to hold a meeting to discuss this new developments to find solutions that will help the concerned companies.


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