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International community should motivate Serbia, Kosovo toward settlement - Kuwait
February 9, 2019, 8:14 am

Kuwait has affirmed the necessity that the international community should nudge Kosovo and Serbia to reach a sustainable settlement for sake of regional stability in the Balkans.

The State of Kuwait Permanent Representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Mansour Al- Otaibi, said in a statement during a Security Council session, that the EU-organized dialogue between the two countries remained the most adequate framework for settling pending issues.

Ambassador Al-Otaibi called on Pristina and Belgrade to practice restraint, pave the way for resuming dialogue and re-normalize their bilateral relations.

The Kuwaiti representative indicated that a decision by Kosovo to transform the security force into an armed force should not impede diplomatic efforts to tackle the issues through dialogue.

Al-Otaibi urged the two countries to refrain from taking any provocative action, lauded efforts by the special team tasked with resolving the issue of persons of anonymous destiny, noting that reaching a settlement is necessary for a long term conciliation and creating an environment for good neighbourliness ties.

He also praised works of the UN mission for temporary administration in Kosovo, its coordination with local and international quarters to implement recommendations of the May 2018 UN forum for rebuilding confidence.

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