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International School of Pakistan holds Sports Day
January 2, 2018, 2:59 pm

Sports day for primary section of International School of Pakistan, Khaitan was held on Wednesday, 26 December. The guests, Madam Nadia Al Hufaiti (Director of ISP), Anjum Masood (Principal of Junior/Senior Section of ISP) were welcomed by the Principal  Bushra Karamat and Vice Principal Ms. Nadiya M. Arshad of KG and Primary Section.

The event commenced with the recitation of Verses from Quran. Exercise Drill was performed by the students of Grade 5 showing their energetic and active movements. The games began with the fun races of Grade 1 students which included frog and rabbit race. Different games and races were organized for the students of grade 2,3,4 and 5. Some of the games were ping pong ball race, jumping race, sack race, dressing up race, musical chairs, pass the ring race, feeder race, 3 legged race, blow the balloons race, don’t leave the chair race etc. Many more games were part of the event. The sports day was further made colourful by the dance performance of grade 3 students. Thrill was added to the event by the Gymnastic act of Grade 5 students.

The physical education teachers of grade 1- grade 3, Mrs. Asma Jalil and Mrs. Bushra Sajid for grade 4 & grade 5 enthusiastically prepared all the games and trained the students with great zeal. The setup of the event was beautifully decorated and designed by the Creative Team of Primary Section. Their work was remarkable and it truly added colours to the backdrop of the event. The staff of primary section put in their untiring effort to make the event a success. Towards the end of the sports day, games were conducted for teachers as well. The students cheered for their teachers and enjoyed it.

Sports day finally ended by honouring the winners with the medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions. The P.E. teachers and creative team were given the certificate of appreciation for their hard work. 

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