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Interior ministry received 77,402 emergency call since rainfalls began
November 12, 2018, 8:26 am

Ministry of Interior Undersecretary Lt. Gen. Essam Al­Naham said Sunday that the number of emergency calls received by the emergency operation center since the beginning of rainfalls on Tuesday morning amounted to 77,402, and 11,374 of them were not critical calls.

This came during the meeting of the legislative and executive authorities on Sunday held at the National Assembly Office to discuss the repercussions and effects of the heavy rainfall on the country.

The Lt. Gen. said, "the most critical call received was that of a drowned body of Ahmad AlFadhli, and the drowning of houses, buildings, and cars along with the fall of a light pillar and part of a church collapsing. He assured that the Interior Ministry had prepared its standby status since Tuesday morning when the rainfalls began and set up the Civil Defense operation center to coordinate with relevant government agencies.

He added, "We set up two administrator centers in Northern Kuwait and the other in the South, as well as setting up a stationed administrative center in Sabah Al­Ahmad city. All these centers are equipped with mechanisms, patrols, and buses in addition to water pump machines and other devices.

Source: KUNA

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