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Interactive fitting room for fashion retailers
November 30, 2015, 2:59 pm

Trying clothes at the store is an integral part of the dress shopping experience, because there is no telling just how well even the same size from different brands will fit. Figuring that out is what happens in the fitting room. The ordeal of walking in, trying something on and finding a satisfactory outfit is still the norm among most retailers.

Now, New York-based startup Oak Labs is trying to change that with an interactive fitting room that aims to improve on the entire process. Oak is partnering with the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York City to unveil its new smart fitting room. It is a simple, yet elegant solution that, according to Oak CEO Healey Cypher, both improves on the customer experience while also leveraging data and putting it in the hands of the retailer to make the purchase as seamless as possible.

It works like this. Walk into the Ralph Lauren fitting room and an RFID antenna in the mirror immediately picks up the dresses you bring in, and displays them side-by-side on the mirror's touch display. By interacting with the mirror, you can choose different sizes and colors, and even receive style recommendations. When everything fits your desired choices, you are ready to click the buy button.  

The idea behind all this is to ensure people are satisfied enough to make a purchase instead of abandoning their selections. According to analysts, the chance someone will walk away without buying anything jumps 65 percent if they cannot find the item they want in the right size and color.

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